Liz Dump To Big Ed After New Girlfriend Revel! Prepared To Shocked

Big Ed, known from “90 Day Fiancé,” recently teased a new girlfriend on Instagram, but his latest relationship update suggests a sad ending. Rising to fame during “Before the 90 Days” season 4 with Rose Vega, Big Ed’s romantic life has been tumultuous. Following his split from Rose, he entered into a relationship with Liz Woods, marked by a turbulent on-and-off cycle spanning four years. This relationship culminated in Big Ed calling off their wedding in August 2023.

Currently, Liz is dating Jason Zuniga, while Big Ed hinted at a new relationship with a mystery blonde woman he met in New York City. They engaged in various enjoyable activities, such as taking a pedicab ride. Despite sharing moments of happiness, after several posts, Big Ed hinted at the end of this new relationship, bidding farewell to both the Big Apple and his new partner in a video captioned “sad.”

Big Ed’s romantic life has been fraught with challenges. His first marriage in the early ’90s ended quickly due to infidelity. He later connected with Rose, from the Philippines, but their relationship was marred by his lack of relationship skills and honesty. Despite knowing he wasn’t right for her, Liz continued to give Big Ed chances, striving to prove their love was genuine.

With Liz now out of the picture, Big Ed faces the challenge of finding a new partner. Despite his fame, finding someone who genuinely loves him may prove difficult, as his past behaviors and inability to introspect could hinder future relationships. As one of the stars of “90 Day Fiancé,” Big Ed’s love life remains a subject of interest and speculation, with fans wondering if he will ever find lasting happiness.

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