Loren & Alexei’s Turbulent Marriage To Be Featured In Another Season?

Once in a while, 90 Day Fiance randomly throws in good and earnest cast members. Usually, the show gains popularity because of toxic and dramatic people. However, some stars subvert notions with their real and honest love story. Well, Loren and Alexei have been one of those couples.


What Happened To Loren & Alexei After 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After  Season 8?


They first starred in the original show in 2015, and TLC has roped them in constantly for different spin-offs. While their relationship remained stable for many years, fans are seeing the cracks in the new Happily Ever After episodes. Could this mean that the network will now bring them to star in the new The Last Resort season?

90 Day Fiance: Loren & Alexei To Star In The Last Resort, Will Showcase Their Turbulent Marriage?

Loren and Alexei have been a part of 90 Day Fiance for almost a decade now. In fact, they had earned the tag of the “most loved couple” from the show. That’s because fans found their issues and struggles to be genuine and how they successfully worked through them. But in the new Happily Ever After episodes, they have been going through multiple rough patches.

It all began when Loren decided to go for a mommy makeover after her third pregnancy to get her desired physique. Alexei didn’t see the point of it and wanted his wife to hit the gym instead. It created tons of rifts between them as Loren was bedridden for weeks and couldn’t even lift her kids. So, her husband had to step in and look after them.


In the newest episode, after her recovery, Loren decided to share that she wishes to be a working mom and focus on modeling. Well, Alexei was against this, too. When she insisted he should be her “cheerleader.” His misogynistic comments about how men shouldn’t be doing such things soured their bond.

Because of these instances, fans think Alex and Loren’s relationship is really off the rails. Hence, it makes them perfect to be the next 90 Day Fiance stars to be in The Last Resort edition. The latter is where many castmates live in a boot camp-like setting and go through exercises and therapy to build their bond again.

90 Day Fiance: Loren Speaks Up About Bedroom Issues With Alexei After Her Surgery!

Alexei and Loren have had three pregnancies back to back that resulted in three beautiful babies. Hence, 90 Day Fiance fans knew that they definitely weren’t having problems in the bedroom. Well, Loren also admitted that she and her husband have had a “healthy sex life.” But all of it changed when she got her “mommy makeover.”


Loren mentioned how, after her surgery, things aren’t going in the way “Alexei likes it” in their bedroom. At first, the couple used to be a “united front,” but they were not “on the same page.” All of it was happening after she had her surgery. Loren was tensed and wanted to get her “OG version” back.

Fans feel that their marriage is definitely on the rocks. That’s because Loren and Alexei are not at all in sync, as evident through their episodes. But will they be a part of The Last Resort in the future? Well, only time will tell.

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