Meri Brown Confirms Return In ‘Sister Wives’ Season 19? Secret exposed! The Real Reason Meri Brown Left Kody Brown!

Sister Wives star Meri Brown recently opened up a bit about Season 19. Insiders already leaked that the TLC stars continued filming despite the tragic death of Garrison Brown. Read on to find out if Meri just confirmed whether she returns or not.

Meri Brown - TLC

Sister Wives Season 19 Is Said To Be Dark

The tragic death of Garrison Brown affected many TLC fans. Many of them mourned as if they knew him personally. And in a way, they did as they watched him grow up on TLC. Others felt broken for his mom, Janelle Brown. If the leakers are correct, the next season will probably address Garrisons’ passing

Garrison Brown, Janelle Brown, and Savanah Brown from Sister wives, TLC, Sourced from YouTube
Garrison Brown, Janelle Brown, and Savanah Brown from Sister wives, TLC, YouTube

Meri Brown left Kody Brown and the announcement came near the end of season 18 of the TLC show. At one stage, fans saw the TLC star talking to Robyn about moving her business to Utah. As she seems to be living there permanently now, it wasn’t clear that she would take part in Sister Wives season 19.

Meri Brown Opened Up On A Podcast

This week, Kody Brown’s former first wife chatted with Rachel Uchitel on the Miss Understood podcast. She talked about Robyn Brown and her constant sobbing on the show. If you wonder if it annoys her as much as it annoys fans, you would be wrong. The TLC star thinks that Robyn really wanted a nice big happy family and that famous porch where they could watch the grandkids grow up.

Meri Brown, Robyn Brown-YouTube
Meri Brown, Robyn Brown – YouTube

Meri Brown also said that she isn’t friendly with Janelle and Christine. They are polite when they see each other, but they are not besties. Plus, she touched on her relationship with the adult kids. Much like with Janelle and Christine, she gets along with them, but she doesn’t seek their company. She is letting them decide what kind of relationship they want to have with her.

Sister Wives Season 19 See’s Meri Return

When Rachel Uchitel spoke to Kody’s ex about the next season, she tried to pull the TLC star out for some spoilers. She asked:

         Season 19 is happening this year, correct? Are you part of it?

If you felt desperate  for the news that she does return, the answer is that she hinted at it very strongly without actually saying, “yes.” Instead, she replied by saying, “I’m around. I’m not going anywhere.”

Are you glad that it sounds as if Meri Brown will be in Season 19? She didn’t say much but certainly, it seems likely that she will be appearing in the next season on TLC. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and come back here often for all your Sister Wives news.

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