Meri Brown FINALLY EXPOSES Kody’s BIG Lie About Robyn, Robyn’s ATTACK of Christine’s Aunt

Robyn Brown consistently has a voice in her relationship with Kody, but she admits there were many times when she was frustrated and didn’t speak up. This led to anger and resentment because she didn’t stand up for herself. She acknowledges the need to learn how to communicate better without getting hurt or upset. Robyn also mentions that the producers of “Sister Wives” tried to provoke her by telling her things Christine allegedly said, which she believes were false.

In other news, Christine’s aunt, Kristen Decker, a former polygamist and author, has been vocal about her criticism of polygamy and the Brown family. Kristen claims that polygamy is abusive and harmful. During the filming of season 14, Robyn Brown verbally attacked Kristen at a march for the decriminalization of polygamy. Kristen confronted the Browns about their support for polygamy, leading to Robyn’s furious reaction. The confrontation was filmed but never aired to protect Robyn’s image. Kristen felt bullied and intimidated, while Robyn showed her true colors.

Additionally, Meri Brown exposed a big lie about Kody and Robyn’s relationship. During a tell-all special in 2015, Meri revealed that Kody and Robyn knew each other before the show and had an affair. They pretended to meet for the first time on the show, betraying the other wives. Meri felt deeply hurt, especially after giving up her legal marriage to Kody so he could marry Robyn and adopt her children. This revelation caused significant tension within the family. Kody and Robyn denied the affair and blamed Meri for family issues.

The tell-all special was never aired due to its controversial content. TLC decided to bury it to protect the Browns’ image and keep viewers interested. Katie Joy, a YouTuber and former friend of Robyn, shared these details to expose the truth about the Browns. She believes the Browns are hiding many secrets and scandals, providing viewers with a deeper insight into the “Sister Wives” drama.

What do you think of these revelations about Robyn’s attack on Christine’s aunt and Meri’s exposure of Kody and Robyn’s lie? Do you believe them or think they are fabricated? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below. For more celebrity news, drama, and gossip, subscribe to our channel and stay updated.

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