Meri Drops Shocking Secret ! Meri Brown Caught by Kody When Dating With New Boyfriend | Sister wives

“Sister Wives” stars Kody and Meri Brown are embroiled in a he-said-she-said situation regarding their 30-year relationship. Meri denies all of Kody’s accusations, with the disagreement ultimately boiling down to his word against hers. Kody’s rant on the show, where he denied ever loving Meri, blindsided her and was seen as nasty by viewers. Some fans believe Kody’s dismissal of their marriage was a ploy to create drama for the show. Meri was deeply hurt by his public statement but denied his claim, asserting he did love her. Their book supports Meri’s stance, with Kody describing their early years together as a romantic and special time, contradicting his on-screen denial. Despite Kody’s bizarre statements on the TLC series, Meri remains adamant that he once loved her.

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