Mike Youngquist, the 90-Day Fiancé, shared more details about his girlfriend Sara. Is she “The One”?

Mike Youngquist, star of ’90 Day: The Single Life,’ has finally opened up about his new partner, Sarah Rose. Mike and his ex-wife Natalie first connected when a friend asked them to stepfather their newborn daughter. Despite feeling she was too good for him, Mike met Natalie in Ukraine and proposed a year later in Paris. However, their relationship was tumultuous. Natalie, who had been through two failed marriages, begged Mike for a child but shockingly confessed she didn’t love him. They married in April 2020, but Natalie left Mike in December 2020.

Mike is now finalizing his divorce from Natalie and has been dating Sarah since December 2022. He shared photos of Sarah on Instagram starting in June 2023. Mike described his feelings for Sarah as genuine love and admiration, emphasizing that she loves him for who he is. He revealed that initiating the divorce was necessary for him to move on and build a future with Sarah. Despite Natalie not wanting a divorce initially, she eventually agreed with Mike’s decision.

Mike explained that getting divorced was essential for his new relationship with Sarah to be taken seriously. Although he is not ready for marriage yet, Mike sees a long and loving future with Sarah, including the possibility of marriage and starting a family.

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