Meri FINALLY Exposes the TRUTH Hidden by Kody! Robyn is BUSTED for Confessing to Being Complicit!

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After 32 years of marriage, Kody Brown and Meri Brown from Sister Wives announced their divorce. Since then, Meri has shed pounds and improved her appearance. Meri, Kody’s first wife, married him in 1990, and they had one child together. They decided to live in a multiple marriage for intellectual and theological reasons, but they struggled to make their union work. Many years before their divorce, Kody had ceased to see Meri as his wife and had been painfully honest about not finding her attractive.

The Sister Wives Season 18 cast members declared their separation in January 2023. Kody’s desire to legally wed Robyn Brown led to his 2014 divorce from Meri, making it simpler for Kody to adopt Robyn’s three children from a previous marriage. Despite the legalities, Kody and Meri remained spiritually united until their relationship ended. Since the split, Meri has been focusing on her fitness and health, experimenting with her color scheme, and shedding some weight.

Meri began dating Amos Andress shortly after her split with Kody and seemed to be recovering well. However, she announced their breakup on Instagram in February 2024. Despite the breakup, Meri appeared better than ever, showcasing her weight loss in a tight purple top in her Instagram post, which received over 44.4k likes. By the time Meri dissolved her marriage to Kody, his other wives, Janelle and Christine, had already left him, splitting the Brown family into two factions: Kody and Robyn on one side and Christine and Janelle on the other.

Meri lost contact with Christine, Janelle, and their kids, leaving her isolated with Kody and Robyn. After her relationship with Kody ended, Meri shared a selfie on Instagram in August 2023 with her friend JD Crawford, showing she still has strong support from friends. Despite being single and living alone, Meri was likely lonelier when married to Kody due to his disregard for her.

Meri’s closest friend, Jen Sullivan, received a heartfelt birthday greeting from her on Instagram in April 2022. Since parting ways with Kody, Meri concentrated on her health and well-being, increasing her physical activity. However, the untimely death of Garrison Brown, Kody’s son with Janelle, on March 5 rocked her to her core. The Brown family, especially Meri, grieved Garrison’s passing deeply.

Sister Wives star Christine Brown found love with David Woolley and planned their wedding after 10 months of courting. While Meri acknowledged Christine’s happiness, she felt sad about the family’s state but hoped Christine would find love and expressed a desire to remarry herself. Meri and Christine had a strained friendship due to trust issues, with Christine ending their relationship because she no longer felt safe.

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