Omg! Emily Drops Bombshell News For Kobe! Find Out The Real Reason Angela Left 90 Day Fiance!

Emily Bieberly impresses Kobe Blaise’s family by cooking traditional Cameroonian dishes on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After. Despite being married in America, they must have a Cameroonian wedding for his family’s acceptance. This includes a “knock door” ceremony where Emily’s father presents a list of wants and a bride price. Initially hesitant, Emily’s parents accept the tradition after Kobe’s explanation. Her cooking wins over Kobe’s family, with his father praising it as flawless for a first attempt. This success helps in bridging the cultural gap and brings both families closer.

Meanwhile, Angela Deem has started to open up about her future with the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. Despite rumors, Angela and Michael Ilesanmi are back on the show, surprising fans given their tumultuous relationship. Angela hints at ending their relationship, citing ongoing issues and Michael’s dishonesty. Fans remain skeptical, believing their issues are unresolved.

In another storyline, Gino and Jasmine air out their marriage issues at a family reunion. Jasmine, feeling controlled and restricted in the U.S., gains support from Gino’s family, who criticize him for not understanding her challenges. His sister bluntly tells him that driving Jasmine to the gym is not a big deal, highlighting Gino’s lack of support and attention to Jasmine’s needs.

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