Michael Finally Breaks Free from Angela | 90 Day Fiancé

Michael has made a significant return to social media, marking a new chapter in his life. He is now free from the constraints that once restricted him, finally in control of his own narrative. This marks a stark contrast from his past, where he felt trapped and controlled, particularly by his former partner Angela.

Despite their relationship being over, Angela continues to discredit Michael, using his name and referencing him in various ways. This raises questions about her intentions and the nature of their past relationship. However, a recent video sheds light on the truth behind their dynamic, revealing that both were willing participants in a relationship based on mutual benefit.

A recent comment on social media criticizing Michael for his actions raises the issue of scams and visas. While it is true that scammers should not be allowed to obtain visas, the nature of Michael and Angela’s relationship was more complex. They both knew what they were getting into and used each other for different reasons, as detailed in the video.

The comment also overlooks Angela’s own actions and threats to leave Michael, indicating a one-sided view of their relationship. Despite this, Angela has been portrayed as the victim, while Michael is criticized for not being supportive enough. However, a closer look reveals that Michael’s actions were not solely responsible for the failure of their marriage.

Ultimately, both parties have changed over the years, and their relationship has deteriorated. While Angela may have had reasons for her behavior, it is clear that both contributed to the breakdown of their relationship. As they move forward separately, it is unlikely they will be part of the “90 Day Fiancé” franchise again.


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