Michael Ilesanmi Speaks Out Since Running Away From Angela! 90 Day Fiance

Michael Ilesanmi recently released a video to inform the public that he is not currently active on any social media platforms. This announcement comes amidst reports of fake accounts claiming to be him. Michael emphasized the importance of clarifying this issue, especially considering past instances where his accounts were taken down, presumably by his partner, Angela. He expressed concern that Angela or those around her might create fake accounts to portray him negatively.

Michael’s decision to speak out may also stem from his desire to control the narrative, as Angela has a history of attempting to manipulate perceptions, often painting herself as the victim. He seems to have been strategic in his approach to dealing with Angela, possibly pretending to be less intelligent than he is to manipulate her perceptions.

Michael hinted at plans to share his side of the story in the future, expressing a desire to be brutally honest about his experiences. He wants to provide clarity and transparency, particularly in light of Angela’s past actions and statements. As Michael’s story unfolds, it will be interesting to see how his perspective sheds new light on his relationship with Angela.

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