Mike Berk’s New Wife Left Him Shortly After Being Officially Married

In a recent development, “90 Day Fiancé” star Mike Burke’s marriage to Tatiana Geraldo seems to be on the rocks, with hints of a split emerging just one month after their lavish wedding ceremony. Mike Burke, who previously appeared on TLC’s “90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days,” had a tumultuous relationship with Colombian single mom Hima Morales before starting his relationship with Tatiana. Their breakup revealed that Mike may have been using Hima for fame, a claim bolstered by allegations that their relationship began on a cam website where she offered adult services.

After their breakup, Mike moved on to Tatiana, keeping their relationship private until their recent wedding. However, shortly after tying the knot, Mike hinted at trouble, suggesting that Tatiana had left him. This speculation was fueled by an Instagram post where Mike claimed Tatiana had blocked him on social media platforms. Fans have expressed mixed reactions, with some suggesting that Mike’s relationships are merely for publicity and that the split could be a ploy to secure a spot on “90 Day: The Single Life.”

While some believe the breakup is genuine, others speculate that it could be a hoax. Regardless, the true reasons behind their split remain unclear, and fans are eager to hear Mike’s side of the story. This situation adds another layer to Mike’s tumultuous romantic history, leaving fans wondering about the future of his relationships and his place in the world of reality television.

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