Rob & Claire FIGHT… Sophie’s CAUGHT IN THE FRAY!!

I don’t think she should stay with you. For her mental health, it’s not healthy. At the end of the day, it’s not your decision, so you’ll have to sit back and see what happens, won’t you? The fight is on between Claire and Rob. Even though Claire might be on crutches, my money’s on her. But let’s spare a thought for Sophie, stuck in the middle of this battle between her mom and husband, both trying to manipulate her.

Claire lashes out at Rob, questioning Sophie’s love for him. Claire says everything we’ve thought about Rob, but seeing her use tears to manipulate Sophie is tough to watch.

Let’s start from the beginning. Last we saw, Rob’s friend Terai was trying to convince Rob that Sophie only married him for a green card. This episode, Sophie has recruited Claire to salvage her marriage. Sophie hoped Rob might listen to Claire, but the odds were slim, especially after Terai’s accusations riled Claire up.

Sophie called Rob to set up a meeting, hoping Claire might knock some sense into him. However, Claire hates Rob passionately. When they meet, Claire wastes no time getting straight to the point. She accuses Rob of causing their marriage to fall apart and expects him to listen without defending himself. Sophie, however, stands up for Rob, defending him against Claire’s accusations.

Claire is shocked and questions Sophie’s loyalty, unable to understand why she still loves Rob after everything. Rob tries to defend himself, expressing a desire to work things out with Sophie. Claire dismisses this as manipulation, believing he blames Sophie without changing his behavior.

The confrontation escalates as Claire and Rob trade insults. Despite Claire’s promise to remain calm, her emotions take over, leading to a heated argument. Sophie, caught in the middle, tries to mediate but struggles to balance her loyalties. Claire, emotional and overwhelmed, leaves the meeting, declaring her hatred for Rob.

Sophie, desperate for a resolution, feels caught between her husband and her mother. Rob tries to explain his side, but the meeting ends in chaos. Claire’s volatile emotions and Rob’s attempts to defend himself only make matters worse. Sophie is left to pick up the pieces, questioning where to go from here. This meeting, intended to bring clarity, only deepens the rift, leaving Sophie more confused and desperate for a solution.

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