Ross is Using The Dirty Bird to Cancel Drew Barrymore

There’s one person from all of 90 Day Fiancé who is my absolute favorite, and guess what? I couldn’t sleep last night because she’s here today! I made a drink called a Michael because the color looks horrible. We’ve followed your whole love story, Drew. Don’t say anything, West, he’s just jealous because we’re best friends. I’m a big fan of your interview style, getting close and personal with people. Why didn’t you touch me like that, Drew? Were you afraid of my dirty bird feathers falling off?

Hey Scotty, I’m driving you to that middle school later, so make sure you write a bunch of nice things about Drew and the video. Oh wait, the video got taken down. Drew, why’d you take it down? We’re supposed to be besties! Hello, everyone, welcome back to part two of reviewing the Dirty Bird Drew Barrymore collaboration. We’re about to make one of your biggest dreams come true. That’s right, Drew, I’m obsessed with reality TV, so we’re kicking off a new segment where I introduce you to some of my favorite reality stars.

It’s time for Ross’s Reality. You might want to change the name to “Ross’s Liability” because the only cast member worse than Angela Deem is Geoffrey Paschel, who’s spending 18 years in prison for assaulting women. Ross, Drew’s co-host, parades as a knowledgeable reality TV specialist, claiming to have watched 90 Day Fiancé for years. If you’re truly a fan, why bring out one of the most hated cast members of all time? Angela Deem is so unmarketable that petitions are signed each season to remove her, causing many fans to stop watching.

My husband’s Nigerian, but we might get divorced. Your next in line, Diego. I realized my success when TLC and Discovery Plus sent me episodes of 90 Day Fiancé a week before they aired. I’ve never felt power like that in my life, and it feels good. Ross has the most annoying voice ever. Let’s have the co-host be the guy who praises everyone, regardless of their character, for clout points. No wonder the show’s ratings are terrible; Drew is a complete liability.

There’s one cast member I’m obsessed with. She brings drama, heart, mayhem, and mischief. Drew, you’re a man, so why interview a woman who has abused a Nigerian man on and off TV during Men’s Mental Health Month? I love getting close and personal with people. Drew’s persona is like a girl from Mean Girls, unrealistic and disingenuous. It’s typical LA fakeness, causing people to prefer honest YouTubers.

Everyone needs a mom and a hug in this world. What you just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things ever. At no point was it rational. Everyone is now dumber for having listened to it. God have mercy on your soul. Drew, I gave you a 101 on 90 Day Fiancé. Are you in? It’s wonderful hanging out with someone who shares the obsession.

In response to fan criticism, the interview was deleted from YouTube and Instagram. You can’t pretend it didn’t happen. Drew, when did you get into 90 Day Fiancé? When I met you, and our favorite is Angela, the queen. The first audience member, Ross’s husband Wellington, is also a big Angela Deem fan. Drew faced backlash for airing episodes during the writer’s strike.

Angela kissed Wellington on the cheek. His question was going to be, “Can I get a hug?” but instead, he asked for a selfie. Drew looked bored throughout the segment. Ross called another 90 Day Fiancé fan, Shantel, to ask Angela a question about her regrets. Angela had none, as her bad behavior keeps getting rewarded. Ross knew about her vandalizing Michael’s car and physical assault.

Angela shared how tearing apart Michael’s car brought him out. Ross laughed, showing how out of touch with reality they are. Drew shared her experience vandalizing an ex-boyfriend’s car, normalizing the behavior. This segment is tone-deaf and embarrassing. Ross and Drew should be ashamed. Angela assaulted Michael multiple times, but the show sides with her.

The next fan wore a 90 Day Fiancé t-shirt, asking for tips on getting over a fight with a partner. Angela’s advice was about having good makeup sex, further showing the segment’s absurdity. This show is faker than WWE, and I’d rather watch paint dry.

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