Sad News 😭!! Shocking News Of Patrick And Thais | 90 Day Fiance

In a new update on “90 Day Fiancé,” Patrick Mendes is under scrutiny for his controversial job in the home security business. Patrick, who has provided his partner Thais Ramone with a lavish lifestyle, flaunts his wealth by showing off his Rolex watch and Tesla car. He claims to have spent $10,000 on Thais’ beauty treatments and shopping sprees during her first weeks in the U.S.

Patrick and Thais defend his work ethic, but fans have discovered potentially shady information about his employer, Vivint Incorporated. Patrick works as a recruiter for Vivint, a company specializing in smart home security system installation. Fans speculate that Vivint operates like a multi-level marketing scheme, where income is driven by recruiting new employees and pushing sales, benefiting those at the top of the chain.

Vivint, formerly APX Alarm Security Solutions, has a poor reputation. The Better Business Bureau rates the company with a D score and an average customer rating of 1.08 out of 5 stars. Over the past three years, Vivint has received 5,045 complaints, with many customers reporting issues such as poor customer service, difficult account cancellations, and misleading practices. Reviews on the Better Business Bureau website describe the company as a scam, with some urging potential customers to avoid it.

Despite these negative reviews, Patrick boasts about his job and the luxurious lifestyle it affords him and Thais. Thais, who couldn’t work legally in the U.S. when “90 Day Fiancé” Season 9 was filmed, continues to enjoy the benefits of Patrick’s income. Patrick has not yet addressed the allegations regarding the ethics of his company.

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