Shocking: Meri Brown Used Amos To Film New Season & Then Dumped Him?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has been making headlines for her recent breakup with Amos Andrews. She hard-launched her new boyfriend on her birthday. But the TLC fans spotted some red flags due to Amos’ bankruptcy and a series of four divorces. They were sure Meri’s new relationship wouldn’t last long. Meri went silent about her bond soon after her partner’s history surfaced online.

Finally, she confirmed being single again after dumping her new partner. The reality TV celeb is ready to date again after calling off her four-month-long relationship. Viewers, on the other hand, are in disbelief that Meri overlooked or ignored such important details about her partner before dating him. Now they are speculating if she used Amos for clout during filming and dumped him after it.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Dated Amos For Filming Season 19?

At first, Meri Brown failed to get attention from the viewers on Sister Wives. However, her decision to break ties with Kody Brown massively increased her popularity. The Sister Wives fans started praising the celebrity for her confidence after parting ways with the polygamist. They have been waiting for her to find her life partner after the failed marriage.

Unfortunately, the TLC celebrity had to live a single life again after spotting major red flags in her new relationship with Amos. Previously, Thesun revealed that Meri started having second thoughts about Amos because of his past reputation. A source close to the TLC star spilled that the 53-year-old didn’t find her new partner as ambitious and go-getter as her.

Sister Wives

Hence, she decided to part ways as his unstable career was also a big concern. However, fans had a hard time believing that her relationship ended within four months. Sister Wives viewers have been wondering if Meri dated Amos for the filming of the new season. Interestingly, Christine hogged the limelight for her fairytale romance with David Woolley.

Fans have been excited to see the newlyweds on TV screens in Season 19. Now, it is possible that Meri faked her love life to grab the viewer’s attention. Moreover, she may have dumped her boyfriend to get emotional support from the audience after his past controversies surfaced online. Further, she might have thought that bringing a new man would get her more screen time on the show, just like Christine.

Sister Wives: Is Meri Desperate To Date Again After Recent Breakup?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown had made it clear that she would dip her toes again in the process of finding love. She started dating Amos within 9 months of coming out of her spiritual marriage with Kody. But her second attempt in love also failed in just four months.

However, the reality TV celeb has been hopeful about finding love again. She talked about the positive approach towards life in her breakup post. A source close to Meri has also revealed that she would continue dating but keep it more private now.

Hence, the fans have been speculating if she is being desperate despite the two failed relationships. They felt that the TLC star needed time to recover from the failed relationships and work on herself before jumping from one relationship to another.

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