SHOCKING NEWS!Michael On The Run After Biggest TLC Scam: 7 Years of Catfishing Angela | Cartel EXPOSED

Angela’s tumultuous marriage to Michael took a shocking turn when she discovered he had been scamming her. Despite her often misguided behavior, Angela’s suspicions were confirmed when she found out Michael was the admin of a group called ‘Paradise Men,’ where he instructed over 100 Nigerian men on how to scam American women. This group named the U.S. as ‘paradise’ for its opportunities to exploit vulnerable individuals.

The situation escalated when Angela confronted Michael about his secret activities, which included receiving large sums of money from his scam operations. Michael’s dubious actions, combined with his previous infidelities, revealed a long-term deceitful plan to take advantage of Angela and other unsuspecting victims.

In a dramatic episode, Angela threatened to report Michael to the federal government, leading to a physical altercation that required intervention from the filming crew. Michael’s scam operations, which had been running for years, painted him as the mastermind behind a significant fraud ring.

Following these revelations, Michael fled, leaving Angela alone for two months in Georgia. Despite filing a missing person report, Angela learned that Michael had deliberately gone into hiding to escape the fallout. As both Angela and Michael’s actions came to light, it became clear that their relationship was built on a foundation of deception and manipulation, leaving viewers to wonder how TLC would handle this explosive storyline.

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