Sister Wives: Meri Finally Reveals True Feelings About Kody Marrying Her Ex Sister In Law!

The Brown family dynamics are even more complicated than you can imagine. There was a lot of history before Kody chose his wives to tie the knot with. The Sister Wives fans know of some bonds but are unaware of the other. For instance, Janelle was Kody’s second spouse. But before that, she already had a connection with Meri i.e., the polygamist’s first wife.


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Apparently, Janelle was previously in a monogamous marriage with Adam Barber who happened to be Meri’s brother. Hence, before becoming her sister wife, she had already been her sister in law. Now that the plural family has finally fallen apart since all three wives except Robyn left Kody, she finally spoke up about this matter. Meri admitted being weirded out!

Sister Wives: Meri Says Janelle Remarrying Kody After Being Her Sister-In-Law Was ‘Weird’!

Last season, the Sister Wives family fell apart. After Janelle announced her separation from Kody a few months later, Meri did the same thing. Prior to this, even as a plural family, it was evident that both these women weren’t on good terms with eachother. Well, the former first wife finally shed some light on this matter. She was a podcast guest and opened up about the same.

The host asked if Meri not getting along with Janelle had something to do with Kody choosing her to be the second wife. As mentioned before, the former’s brother was married to Janelle earlier. This made her Meris’s sister-in-law. They were in a monogamous relationship until it didn’t work out, and they divorced after a year. Soon, Kody decided to get Janelle to be a part of the clan.

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Meri admitted that seeing her ex-sister-in-law Janelle become her sister-in-law gave rise to some “weird dynamics.” She insisted that their community wasn’t that small, and a lot of people found their plural family strange, too. There are no details about how Janelle’s ex and Meri’s brother, Adam Barber, felt about this situation. He sadly passed away last year due to cancer.

Sister Wives: Meri Reveals She Is Not In Touch With Robyn, Christine & Janelle Anymore

Meri Brown was at odds with most Sister Wives family members. Ever since her infamous catfish incident in 2015, she had a strained bond with Kody and others, too. She explained after the family fallout, none of them talked to her as much as they used to a few years ago. But she was fine with this change as she is no longer seeking a friendship and has moved on in her life.

Sister Wives

However, all of them do talk to eachother and are civil when meeting up for big family gatherings. Apart from this, Meri has been quite encouraging towards Christine and Janelle’s friendship and is glad they are still as strong as ever.

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