‘Sister Wives’ Brown Coyote Pass Update, Who Owns What 2024

Meri, Christine, Cody, Janelle, and Robyn Brown. - Sister Wives

Undeniably, Sister Wives fans are wondering about the current state of Coyote Pass. Over the past few years, the Brown family has gone through major transitions. Undoubtedly, they still are with the untimely passing of Garrison Brown. But what has happened with Coyote Pass in 2024?

What Is Going On With Coyote Pass?

Since moving to Flagstaff, AZ, the purchase of Coyote Pass has been a source of contention with the Brown family. Not only that, but the dismantling of the plural family has further made matters even more complicated. Additionally, with the loss of Garrison Brown, any plans made before are most likely being revisited with a new lens. So where does that leave Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn Brown with the properties?

Meri, Robyn, Kody, Janelle, and Christine Brown. - Sister Wives
Meri, Robyn, Kody, Janelle, and Christine Brown. – Sister Wives

Brown Coyote Pass Update, Who Owns What 2024

Not long ago, fans were wondering if Janelle Brown would sue Kody and Robyn for her slice of the investments. Originally, in 2018, the Brown family committed to purchasing over $820,000 for the land. In June 2023, according to the Deed of Release and Full Reconveyance viewed by In Touch, Kody Brown and his ex-wife Janelle Brown paid off $340,000 on their Coyote Pass property. On Reddit, Sister Wives fans struck up a conversation about Coyote Pass. One person asks, “Does anyone know who owns what plots at CP right now?”

Coyote Pass/Sister Wives/YouTube
Original Coyote Pass lots – YouTube

Redditors Have Some Insight On CP

After the initial question on Reddit, other Sister Wives viewers offer some insight on the current status of the Coyote Pass property.

  • One person simply says, “Same lot ownership is had since they bought in 2018, except Christine’s name is gone from one of the lots.”
  • Speaking of Christine and Kody Brown’s agreement, someone says, “Christine dodged a bullet with that land deal.” Another commenter adds, “Love how she led him into that too like he was winning lol. There was far more equity in that house then there would ever be on that land.”

Can The Browns Live On Coyote Pass?

One Sister Wives viewer was quick to correct several speculations that the land is not able to have homes.

  • A commenter says, “Everyone except christine own lots. It recently came out that zoning laws don’t allow homes of any kind on the plots and that they knew it when they bought it.”

Several people discussed the zoning, but there were a few screenshots provided with Flagstaff zoning information:

Flagstaff, AZ zoning information. - Reddit
Flagstaff, AZ zoning information. – Reddit

However, another Sister Wives fan gives more information.

One Redditor has been looking into the <yoastmark class=

They discuss how many of the documents different people are using to support their statements are in association with loan contracts and not the deed for Coyote Pass.

  • “Restrictions would have to be in the deed, not a loan contract. The restrictions in a loan contract only apply until the loan is paid. At that point, there is no contract. We all know it was paid off last year. Most of CP never had a loan or a loan contract on it. They paid cash for most of it. And they would have got a construction loan to build a house anyway– that would have paid off the land contract. They technically could’ve built any time. So YouTubers keep showing this loan contract, like it matters-because they don’t know what they’re talking about.”
Sister Wives fan is further trying to set the record straight about Coyote Pass. - Reddit
Sister Wives fan is further trying to set the record straight. – Reddit

Fans Research The Current Status

Additionally, another commenter gave a quick screen grab of the Coconino County Assessor’s website with a property search for Kody Brown and Coyote Pass.

  • “Look up CocoNino County Arizona and do a property search of records. Like Someone said earlier, Christine is not on any property. Kody is on every piece of property along with at least one other wife. There are four empty lots that were featured on the show then Robyn’s big house with an adjacent piece of land.”

What do you think about the update on Coyote Pass? Do you think the Browns are pausing any plans they had to transition through the grief of Garrison Brown? Do you think they will sell the property? Are you ready to see more Sister Wives? Drop your comments below.

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