Sister Wives Family Member Confirms When To Expect Season 19 Release!

With Sister Wives Season 18 concluding with Meri and Kody Brown’s rocky breakup in late 2023, the Brown family began the new year facing numerous new challenges. All three of Kody’s wives left their toxic marriage, and Kody and Janelle’s son, Garrison Brown, tragically passed away. These events sparked rumors about the possible cancellation of Sister Wives Season 19.


Sister Wives

Fans were worried. But, despite these obstacles, the Brown family has confirmed that season 19 has been filmed. Moreover, an inside family member has hinted at a release date for the upcoming season. So, when is Sister Wives Season 19 set to premiere? Read further to find out.

Sister Wives’ Mykelti Padron Reveals When To Expect Season 19!

TLC has not yet made an official announcement regarding Sister Wives Season 19. And with no surprise, a release date of the same has also not been revealed either. It is worth noting that the network typically avoids early announcements before premieres, usually revealing details only a few weeks prior. However, following the death of Garrison Brown and Kody finding himself with just one wife, fans expressed concerns about the show’s return.

Fortunately, Mykelti Padron, daughter of Kody and his former partner Christine has provided some insight. According to a Reddit post, she disclosed that the upcoming season of Sister Wives is expected to premiere in late August or early September. While the total number of episodes for the new season has not yet been determined, if the pattern of 14 episodes per season continues, viewers can anticipate the season concluding around December or January.

Sister Wives’ Meri Brown To Return For Season 19!

With Meri, Janelle, and Christine choosing to lead independent lives away from Kody and the toxic marriage, the Brown family patriarch now lives a monogamous life with his only wife, Robyn. Meri’s decision to leave the marriage came later than the other wives, as she wanted to put in extra effort to try to make things work. Despite her attempts, Meri eventually moved on from the polygamous relationship.


Sister Wives

Fans supported Meri’s decision and wondered if she would continue appearing on the show. Meri addressed these concerns during her appearance on the Miss Understood podcast with Rachel Uchitel. In the conversation, she not only discussed her relationships with the other three wives but also hinted at her possible return. When Rachel asked about her plans for the next season, Meri responded vaguely, saying, “I’m not going anywhere.” To learn more about Sister Wives and the family members.

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