Sister Wives: Kody Brown Has Already MARRIED For The Fifth Time?


Kody Brown initially rose to fame because of his polygamist approach and the Sister Wives show. He became an advocate of the plural marriage concept, and viewers started to see him as a role model for it. However, things soon went down the hill, and he had three consecutive divorces. But even after all this, fans feel that Kody hasn’t given up.

It has been a while since Kody has been surrounded by rumors claiming that he has walked down the aisle for the fifth time. They wondered if he already has found his fifth sister wife and perhaps was keeping the news under wraps. Is this true? Is Kody again a polygamist?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Has Found His Fifth Sister Wife?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown was a proud polygamist before Christine, Janelle, and Meri left him. He was in disbelief and wasn’t able to accept the fact that someone rejected him. Hence, viewers were sure that the celeb would do anything under the sun to prove that he was the master of plural marriage and would marry again.


This led to several rumors claiming that Kody was looking for another wife. Some reports claimed that he approached a young woman who rejected him because she felt that Robyn and Kody were giving negative vibes. Soon, many sources stated that he had walked down the aisle with a Utah native named Bonnie. However, this speculation also turned out to be false.

After all this, it appears that Kody has finally given up on the idea of polygamy. As per the current scenario, there are no signs of a fifth sister wife in his life as he is happily enjoying with Robyn. Even Janelle also confirmed during the Tell All episode that Kody wouldn’t even think of getting married again. She was ready to bet, while the latter also admitted that they didn’t have any prospects of doing so in the future.

Sister Wives: Will There Be A Season 19 For The Browns?

Sister Wives season 18 featured Janelle and Meri walking down their polygamous marriage. It also documented Christine and David’s wedding. Hence, viewers wondered if the Browns would prefer to continue while the main polygamous storyline of the franchise was already jeopardized. But it appears that the noted family isn’t ready to give up on the show at all.


Though the network hasn’t made any official announcement about it, Christine has already confirmed that her family was filming for Season 19. She revealed that there would be many instances when the Browns would come under the same roof. Hence, it would be interesting to watch how all of them would be dealing with each other.

On the other hand, Janelle’s son, Garrison Brown, recently took his own life. He shot himself, which ended up becoming a tragic moment for the entire family. Hence, there is a fair chance that there will be some episodes based on this mishap. That is why viewers are eagerly waiting to see what Season 19 will have to offer them.

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