Sister Wives: Meri & Jenn Hit Pause after Major Surgery

Sister Wives fans look for Meri Brown and Jenn Sullivan on Friday nights as they do a live chat fest and answer fans’ questions online, but the TLC stars have been MIA for many weeks. Plus, there was no word from either of the ladies as to why Fridays with Friends went dark. That is until now…


Sister Wives: Meri Brown and Jenn Sullivan Go Dark Due to Major Surgery

For several weeks now, Sister Wives fans tuned into social media on Friday evenings, waiting for Meri Brown and Jenn Sullivan to magically appear on the screen. But neither one of them popped in for the last several weeks, which got fans wondering what’s up.

At first, Sister Wives fans wondered why neither Meri Brown nor Jenn Sullivan addressed their absence. But as a few more weeks went by with only darkness on Friday, fans started to worry.

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Some surmised Meri and Jenn had a falling out. Others thought Meri was too busy with her new money-making venture. But both of these assumptions are wrong. One of these two Sister Wives celebrities had major surgery and one supported the other through the healing process.

Tumor Discovery Leads to Scary Wait for Diagnosis & Surgery

An announcement appeared on both Meri Brown’s and Jenn Sullivan’s social media. It revealed a tumor was found and a hysterectomy followed. It also shared how this was a very scary time, especially while waiting for the biopsy to come back.

But the confusion started with the same announcement showing up on both their pages and no name assigned to this surgery. Some Sister Wives fans weren’t sure who had this hysterectomy, Jenn or Meri. Fans asked, “Who had the hysterectomy”? Only because it was unclear.

The post said, “A non-cancerous tumor was found encapsulated within my uterus. I thought I was going into early menopause, turns out it was just the tumor. It was a rough week waiting for biopsy results”. But thankfully it’s revealed to fans that it was not cancer. But some fans still asked who wrote this as Meri and Jenn both posted it.

But one sentence indicates it was Jenn Sullivan who went through this horrible ordeal. Jenn writes how her husband was there for her, so that wouldn’t fit Meri’s situation as a single woman today. And Meri Brown was the person (BBF) who supported her as a best friend would.

Sister Wives: Healing Both Physically and Mentally from Awful Ordeal

It wasn’t until you read what Jenn Sullivan wrote on her page that confirmed it was her and not Meri. Sister Wives fans sent their warm wishes for a speedy recovery to Jenn Sullivan. This last season, Jenn and her husband both appeared on-screen for the TLC show.

Sister Wives | Instagram

Fans know her from Fridays with Friends, but once she came onto the Sister Wives show, many more in the audience met Meri’s best friend. She became a fan favorite. So when Meri hadn’t posted a photo of Jenn in a while, fans wondered if she was okay.

Well, now we know, and fans are happy she’s recovering and coming back on Friday nights. They also hope to see her in Sister Wives Season 19 when that rolls out in late Summer.

So, even while Jenn recuperated, she took the time out to let fans know Fridays with Friends will return soon. And who knows, maybe we will see more of “Just Jenn” when the new season of the TLC series rolls out.

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