Sister Wives reveals: Robyn Brown Turned Off By Kody, Taking Assets And Leaving?

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In the preview for Sunday’s 4th part of the Sister Wives Tell-All, Robyn Brown claims she can’t be happy with Kody because the other wives never told her they want that for her. What viewers have seen so far, is that Kody was quite spiteful towards her and talked about dumping Robyn to “punish” himself Now, fans wonder if she’s cleverly plotting the groundwork to leave Kody and take a good portion of the assets.

Is Robyn Brown Getting Turned Off By Kody?

Whilst TLC fans believe Robyn tells a lot of lies, Kody confessed to Sukanya Krishnan that he picked fights with her. In fact, he went so far with his self-flagellation, that he claimed he imagined dumping Robyn to punish himself. Meanwhile, she cried because he was so hard to live with. That, at least seems truthful and explains why three wives already kicked him to the curb.

Recently, fans suspected that Kody and Robyn Brown wanted to try and steal away the assets of Meri and Janelle. There were ugly scenes where he claimed the property belonged to him. Actually, a lot of Sister Wives viewers hope that the OGs get in a lawyer to fight for their value of  Coyote Pass. But the question is, if Kody keeps the land assets, will Robyn leave Kody with his share?

Sister Wives Theory On Dumping  Kody Brown

At the moment, improvements are being carried out at the big mansion. Plus, fans have seen some investments in artwork and whatnot. With Kody making life miserable for his fave, is she planning on cleaning him out? An OP on Reddit suggested that plausible theory.

So now [Robyn Brown is] saying she CAN’T be happy with Kody unless she basically gets permission from the ex-wives…ugh, whatever. What she’s REALLY doing imo, is laying the groundwork for her departure… THIS is why she’s so adamant about keeping some assets under her name only instead of sharing all the assets in name with kody. We all know she is physically incapable of working and so she’ll continue building up assets (artwork, property, home equity improvements etc) so that when she does leave she can take all her stuff plus half of his and justify it by saying she “wanted plural marriage and was tricked into this marriage…her and kody just couln’t (sic) find happiness after the wives left blah blah blah”

Kody And Robyn Brown - Sister Wives TLC
Kody And Robyn Brown – Sister Wives TLC

Some TLC fans agree that Robyn Brown may take Kody’s assets and leave.

  • Robyn has no excitement in her life with the other wifes (sic) gone. She gets off competing. Naa she dont want Cody if nobody else (sic)  does, she dont want to be stuck with his ole butt. Shes a smart woman and u better believe she’ll get her part of everything. I think she planned this back when she said she first met Kody. She knew that was her meal ticket.
  • I think Robyn definitely likes the chase and “competition” she had with the other wives. I’m sure that now she doesn’t have any competition, she’s probably lost her spark with Kody.
  • I feel that she has another sucker lined up. We all have seen that she went from mommy and daddy to her first marriage and then back to mommy and daddy’s to the Browns. She is nothing except a blatant gold digger…

Do you think that Robyn Brown is playing up the issues of being a monogamist because she discovered Kody Brown is too much to handle on her own? Is she planning to walk away from him with half his assets and her own property? Let us know in the comments below.

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