‘Sister Wives’ Signs Janelle Brown Leaving Flagstaff For Good?

Recently, there seem to be big signs that the Sister Wives star, Janelle Brown, is leaving Flagstaff, Arizona in her rear view. Undoubtedly, her life was turned upside down just a few months ago when Garrison Brown tragically took his life. But Janelle is trying to make the most of her life as it is. While caring for her health is a large priority right now, she is also soaking in the love of family.

Janelle Brown Takes Time To Be With Family

Understandably, Janelle Brown has been taking a break from her normal surroundings since saying goodbye to her son, Garrison Brown. While she has taken a few trips to see Logan and Michelle, she is spending a big portion of her time over the past few months with Maddie Brown. However, she took a quick trip back to see Gabe and celebrate and be thankful as well. But who could blame Janelle for wanting to get away and enjoy time with some of her other kiddos and grandkids? While everyone seems to understand Janelle is traveling a new path in her life, many are wondering if her life in Flagstaff is now just a memory.

Janelle Brown and her kids - Sister Wives - Instagram
Janelle Brown and her kids – Sister Wives – Instagram

Signs Janelle Brown Leaving Flagstaff For Good?

With Sister Wives star, Janelle Brown, being on the move lately, many fans are speculating she is closing the door to her life in Flagstaff. On Reddit, one fan says, “Janelle in NC.” Then the user adds, “I see Janelle has been posting on her IG a lot from North Carolina. The garden she planted is amazing. Was curious if she has possibly moved there, maybe brought her 5th wheel there, or just an extended stay. She sure seems comfortable in NC, and why not – gardens, grandkids, etc.” Undeniably, signs point to her moving on from Arizona.

Other Fans Give Their Thoughts

After the initial Reddit post from the Sister Wives fan, several others gave their thoughts on Janelle Brown’s possible move.

  • “From what I can tell, she’s been dividing her time between NC and Flagstaff. The last thing she posted in Flagstaff was of a belated Thanksgiving for Gabe, Savanah, and their friends about a month ago. In her latest post, she seems so proud of her garden. I know she and Maddie already had this planned, but I hope this is therapeutic for her.”
  • “She said she’ll be spending a lot of the summer in North Carolina at Maddie’s. She’s traveled back to Flagstaff and went to Arkansas for the eclipse.”
Janelle Brown is tending a garden with Maddie Brown over the summer. - Instagram
Janelle Brown is tending a garden with Maddie Brown over the summer. – Instagram

Janelle Brown Is Healing Her Soul

While Janelle Brown still has some ties to Flagstaff, it is just a quick trip away to visit those she still wants to see. Most people seem to understand that Janelle is finding new ways to heal her soul. While she plans to spend the summer with Maddie Brown growing the garden, the time is helping her work on her business. Likewise, Maddie is a great accountability partner while Janelle works on taking care of herself. And having a chance to hug the grandkids daily is a perfect recipe for rejuvenation. Many people find it reasonable to think that Janelle may choose to extend her stay. But time will tell what she chooses.

What do you think? Will Janelle Brown decide to stay with Maddie after the summer? Do you think they are helping each other through the grief of losing Garrison Brown? Are you ready to see more Sister Wives? Drop your comments below.

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