Sister wives: Robyn Brown Blows Fans Away With Kody’s Treatment

Robyn Brown has reached a new level and blew fans away with her treatment of husband, Kody Brown. It seemed like they were on equal footing with the way they controlled each other. Yet, now it appears that she is the one who has a hold over him and fans are shocked. What are they saying? Read on for more details.

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Robyn Brown Blows Fans Away With Kody’s Treatment

For quite some time, it appeared that Robyn Brown was just as controlling as Kody was. The children of the other wives believed that she was directly responsible for keeping their dad away from them. Furthermore, they felt she helped set the rules and protocols that everyone had to follow. Since then, the family has fallen apart and everyone has gone their own ways. Christine and Janelle Brown are immensely close with the former finding love. She wed David Woolley in October 2023 and now, their wedding special is airing in two parts on TLC.

Christine Brown, David Woolley-Instagram
Christine Brown, David Woolley-Instagram

Recently, some Sister Wives specials aired, and, in one, Kody appeared to get snarky. Robyn leaned over and covered his mouth so he would not say anything out of pocket. Fans were shocked she would react that way. Then, when she thought that Kody would down Christine’s wedding, she stopped him and got insanely snarky saying how happy they were for the couple. Fans are seeing she really is controlling him and started a Reddit thread. The OP wrote this:

  • Kody, blink twice if you’re in danger. It goes without saying that Kody is the worst, however, I do think he was genuine when he said he was happy for Christine. There was a lightness to him that we haven’t seen in a while. And yes, that may be because he’s only with Robyn, which begs the question – what is her dill?
Robyn Brown/YouTube

They added Robyn Brown is now so open with her controlling behavior toward Kody. More so, they noted that it is not new and perhaps, if Kody is mad, what could it be about? Finally, they asked what Robyn may be afraid of. These are all legitimate questions.

Fans Chime In

Is it possible that Robyn Brown is the jealous one now that the other wives are free and she is stuck 24/7 with Kody? Therefore, she has to take some of her power back. What did fellow Redditors think?

  • Robyn is afraid of someone else coming and stealing her dream family she finally has. Thieves always thinks everybody else steals too.
  • Robyn came into this family ruling over Kody. Remember when Christine stated to Robyn, she never knew she could talk to Kody that way? I knew then Robyn was a snake.

Others felt that maybe Kody actually likes to be dominated in private and now it is coming out publicly. In any case, he was starting to show a more cool and calm Kody which Robyn clearly did not like. Therefore, she had to shut it down.

What do you think of Robyn’s controlling nature? Do you think Kody likes not having to think for himself? More so, is he tired after all of these years and the recent events in his life? Let us know and watch the finale of Christine’s Wedding Special Sunday on TLC.

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