Sophie FORGIVES Rob for Squishmallow, Liz HATES Ed, Angela THREATENS Makul | HEA 8×14

Welcome back to another 90 Day Fiancé recap! This is Happily Ever After, Season 8, Episode 14, and we are nearing the end of the season with couples like Jasmine and Gino, Angela and Michael, and R and Sophie. Sophie and her mom, Claire, are at a diner discussing their meal options. Claire mistakes grits for mashed potatoes, which leads to a humorous conversation about American sausages. Sophie insists that America has both long and round sausages, while Claire finds this hilarious.

The mother-daughter dynamics between Sophie and Claire feel more like siblings, with Claire often behaving immaturely. The discussion shifts to their living arrangements, with Claire wanting Sophie to live with her. Sophie, however, prefers staying with Kai, trying to politely decline her mom’s suggestion without causing a scene.

Claire appears needy, relying heavily on Sophie, who has been supporting her mom all along. This dependency is evident when Claire tries to convince Sophie to leave Rob and stay with her instead. They head to Sophie and Rob’s apartment, where Rob surprises Sophie with a thoughtful gift, a Squishmallow she’s wanted for years. This gesture touches Sophie deeply, making her hesitant about breaking up.

Angela’s storyline is equally dramatic. After discovering a suspicious group chat, she contacts her immigration lawyer, fearing Michael might be running a scam. The lawyer warns Angela about her financial responsibilities if Michael enters the U.S. on an immigrant visa. Angela confronts Michael, accusing him of embezzlement and illegal activities, which he denies, explaining the money was for processing paperwork.

Jasmine and Gino’s relationship faces its challenges as well. Jasmine feels hurt by Gino’s comments about her attractiveness, while Gino tries to apologize and promises to work on their intimacy. Their quirky dynamic continues with Jasmine’s unusual request for Gino to use his toe to pacify her during arguments.

In another couple’s segment, Ed and Liz argue about respect and communication. Ed’s condescending attitude and Liz’s frustration highlight their ongoing issues. The episode ends with a preview of Perfect Match Season 2, teasing more drama and romance.

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