Stunning News!! 90 Day Fiancés Paul Claims “Justice” Will Be Served In Brand-New Custody Update

Paul Staehle from the “90 Day Fiancé” franchise has made a shocking claim regarding the custody of his sons, Pierre and Ethan. Paul debuted with Karine Martins on “90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days” Season 2. During the season, Paul confessed to Karine that he had been found guilty of felony arson and had a restraining order from his ex-girlfriend. Despite these warning signs, Karine married Paul, and they went on to have their sons. However, due to the couple’s violent domestic issues, the children were placed in foster care by CPS.

Recently, Paul shared an update about the custody of his two sons, who are currently in the care of his cousin Lindsay. Paul claimed that Lindsay had prevented his parents, Mary and Ted Staehle, from contacting their grandchildren. Paul wrote, “My parents did nothing wrong, but my cousin Lindsay has banned both my parents from contacting my children.” He added that his cousin would be held in contempt of court and would appear in court on Monday. Paul feels fortunate that finally, some justice will be served.

The question remains: will Paul and Karine ever regain custody of their kids? Fans first learned about the custody situation in December 2023, when Paul shared that his cousin wasn’t allowing any biological family to meet Pierre or Ethan. Around the same time, Paul and Karine were seen enjoying themselves at Disneyland, looking happy in a photo posted by a Reddit user.

Given their controversial actions over the past year, it’s hard to say if Paul and Karine will ever regain custody of their sons. Paul’s sketchy personality makes it difficult to trust his words. A few months back, he disappeared from social media, and Karine alleged he was dead. He later turned up alive, claiming his phone’s battery had run out. Later, Paul alleged that Karine was dating someone new and had gotten pregnant, which she denied.

While Paul’s parenting has been questionable, Karine has shown determination to prove herself a great mother. She completed her cosmetology studies, secured a new job, and started other ventures to support herself and pay the legal fees for her sons’ custody battle. Seeing her reunite with her sons would be nice after working tirelessly over the last two years. The “90 Day Fiancé” star deserves a chance to make things right with her sons.

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