TLC Reveals Season 19 Premiere: The Death of Garrison Brown or the Renewal of Vows for Robyn & Kody Brown.

Recently, Sister Wives fans got wind that Season 19 is going to include a vow renewal between Robyn and Kody Brown. While many people are concerned about the family aftermath now that Garrison Brown is gone, others have strong opinions about the marriage renewal.

Sister Wives' Kody Brown 'standoffish' at son Garrison's memorial as relationship with ex Janelle & kids remain strained | The US Sun

What Direction Will Sister Wives Season 19 Go?

Although many fans are adamant that TLC should scrap the Sister Wives series since the passing of Garrison Brown, others still feel connected to the community and want to see updates. Furthermore, some fans would love to see what has been going on in the lives of the three wives that left Kody Brown: Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown. Additionally, many fans think leaving the old show behind and having a spinoff to follow the lives of the kids would be a better route. But most people worry about the pain of watching footage of Garrison that was already taken before the death. Undoubtedly, there are still harsh feelings toward the way the last season ended that are regrettably compounded by the loss of Garrison.

Robyn and Kody Brown - Sister Wives
Robyn and Kody Brown – Sister Wives

Fans Discuss The Vow Renewal Of Robyn And Kody Brown

On Reddit, Sister Wives viewers started a conversation about the upcoming season. One user says, “Hmmmm.” Then discusses their pondering, “Lots of chatter about Kody and Robyn renewing their vows is what’s coming in season 19. How do u guys feel about this and do u think after garrison passing will TLC actually be that stupid and show that?!?” Undeniably, the response was against this direction for Sister Wives.

  • “I feel like if TLC shows that and acts like nothing happened they will lose viewers!! I know they will lose me if they give those idiots a stage once again to hurt those kids and a look How happy we are wedding renewal will be a slap in everyone face!!”
  • “I don’t think I can stomach watching after everything that happened with Garrison. I could watch about the other wives and kids but not Kody and Robyn, they disgust me.”
  • “I wanna see K&R miserable.”
  • “Robyn and Kody can pack sand. I won’t be watching anymore, the entire show was based on deceit.”
Robyn and Kody Brown - Sister Wives
Will Sister Wives Season 19 cover a vow renewal between Robyn and Kody Brown? – Sister Wives

Robyn And Kody Brown May Not Be The Focus

But other Sister Wives fans believe that the show is far enough behind it might not solely focus on Robyn and Kody Brown. Several fans discuss its filming being at least a year and a half ago. While some speculate even longer based on other known life events.

  • “The show thY would be coming up would be 1.5 years old. I don’t even think Mykelti has had the twins. Unless they ditch everything already taped, it will be a while before they get around to what’s happening today.”
Sister Wives fans think that TLC needs to throw out the previously recorded footage. - Reddit
Sister Wives fans think that TLC needs to throw out the previously recorded footage. – Reddit
  • Most fans are opposed to seeing Robyn and Kody Brown get the spotlight. However, one fan points out, “I was wondering that too.” Continuing, “How are they going to show Garrison’s passing in a reasonable timeframe.” Then remembering, “When we haven’t even see David introduced or Mykelti’s twins.” Some fans think TLC should destroy the footage. However, others don’t believe TLC will let it go. The user adds, “No way they’re gonna scrap whatever was filmed in 2023, but idk they might find a way to add it to this year’s footage. I think it would be so triggering for the audience to show Garrison’s passing two yrs from now. If they’re gonna show it, do it in real time this year.”

What do you think about a vow renewal for Robyn and Kody Brown? Are you hoping to see more seasons of Sister Wives? What do you think the direction of the show should be? Drop your comments below.

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