Today’s Big News!! 90 Day Fiancé David Toborowsky Has A Surprising New Job | It Will Shock You.

David Toborowsky, a “90 Day Fiancé” star, isn’t the only cast member with a surprising new job in 2024. Being on the show comes with many perks, such as TV fame, social media stardom, brand deals, and paid endorsements. Stars like Lauren Brovarnik, Angela Deem, and Larissa Lima have capitalized on their reality TV fame to earn money. However, some cast members, like David from Kentucky, have taken different paths.

David’s life drastically changed after his “90 Day Fiancé” stint. He went from being broke, losing his business, house, car, and suffering a stroke, to turning his life around with his romance with Annie Suwan. In 2022, he purchased a $550,000 home in Fountain Hills, Arizona. David and Annie also started a project called “Cooking with DNA,” offering cooking oils and classes inspired by Annie’s Thai cuisine.

David, who previously taught English in Louisville, Kentucky, announced a career change in May 2024. He is now a licensed realtor in Arizona, working with Fielders Choice Realty. He thanked his wife for her support during his career transition. David’s journey from poverty to a successful realtor is inspiring, showcasing the diverse opportunities “90 Day Fiancé” stars can pursue beyond reality TV

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