Vanessa shares some very bad news about Colt’s recent surgery

In December 2022, Colt Johnson faced a devastating trampoline accident while filming ‘The Last Resort’s first season, leaving his leg and meniscus permanently damaged despite numerous surgeries. Though Colt remained quiet on social media, Vanessa, his wife, kept fans updated via Instagram amid his prolonged recovery. Despite his precarious health, producers still had Colt perform, exacerbating his injuries. His condition included a dislocated leg, torn meniscus, and complications from pain medication. Recently, Vanessa shared a hospital photo, revealing complications from his fourth surgery, now preparing for a fifth. The ’90 Day Fiancé’ association tarnished Colt’s public image and strained finances, contrasting with Debbie, his mother, finding happiness with her boyfriend in Canada. Vanessa and Colt vow never to return to the show, citing Sharp Corporation’s alleged disregard for their well-being. Despite facing relationship challenges on ‘The Last Resort,’ therapy following Colt’s accident may have strengthened their bond.

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