Very Emotional Update ! 90 Day Fiancé: Michael Ilesanmi Will Be Single Forever | It Will Shock You.

Michael Ilesanmi from the 90-Day Fiancé franchise may struggle to find a soulmate after his tumultuous breakup with Angela Deem. The Nigerian met Angela on Facebook and was captivated by her bold personality despite their 22-year age gap. In January 2020, after almost three years of dating, they married. However, Michael’s visa issues delayed his move to the U.S. During this time, Angela underwent gastric sleeve surgery in August 2020, losing over 100 pounds.

Their marriage was fraught with challenges, leading them to join 90 Day: The Last Resort in 2023 for professional therapy. They briefly reconciled, but Michael fled three months after arriving in the U.S., alleging abuse and fear for his life. Now, in 2024, Michael is embracing single life, but his history of betrayal and scandal has left a mark. He repeatedly broke Angela’s trust, and his actions, including infidelity, have made him untrustworthy to many.

Financially dependent on Angela for years, Michael’s lack of a stable career further diminishes his appeal. While he remains a popular reality TV star, his fame may attract women seeking clout rather than genuine relationships. Despite his current happiness, Michael’s reputation as dishonest and unreliable hinders his chances of finding lasting love. To improve his prospects, he needs to overhaul his image and gain confidence, making significant changes to his lifestyle and career.

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