A Fellow Cast Member Reported Michael Ilesanmi To Homeland Security

’90 Day Fiancé’ star Michael Ilesanmi is generally loved and supported by viewers and fellow cast members. However, one former cast member, Lisa, has sided with Angela Deem and holds a personal grudge against Nigerian men due to a negative dating experience. This bias led her to oppose Michael, unlike most fans and cast members.

Reality TV often exaggerates relationships and storylines, and Angela’s claim that Michael is leading a Nigerian scam community under the name “Paradise Man” seems to be one such case. If her claims were true, it would be logical to revoke Michael’s visa rather than bring him to the U.S., considering the severity of the allegations.

A more plausible explanation is that the show’s producers created this shocking story. Michael might only be an admin for a Facebook group that helps Nigerian men with visa issues by sharing experiences and support. These groups aim to improve members’ chances of securing visas.

Lisa, who was in a controversial relationship with Nigerian singer Usman and was criticized for racist remarks, used the Angela and Michael situation to seek revenge on Nigerian men. After her relationship ended in 2020, she left a comment on an Instagram post supporting Angela. She expressed that she would be upset too if she were in Angela’s shoes and tagged the Department of Homeland Security, asking them to investigate Michael and suggesting he be sent back to Nigeria, claiming he is a danger to Angela and her family.

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