Baby Prenup! Dump! Natalie Drop Shocking Bombshell News To Mike!

Fans love Mike Enquist’s revenge glow-up in pictures with his new girlfriend. Mike and Natalie, stars of “90 Day Fiancé,” had a tumultuous relationship that ended in divorce a few months after their wedding. Since then, Natalie moved to Florida and Los Angeles, while Mike dated two women and is now in a serious relationship with Sarah Rose. Fans have noticed Mike’s positive transformation and happiness in his new relationship, which he has kept relatively private.

Mike’s glow-up is evident in an Instagram reel featuring him and Sarah enjoying simple activities like feeding animals and going to the beach. Fans consider Sarah an upgrade from Natalie, who was often seen as problematic and possessive. The couple’s disconnect on the show stemmed from their differing lifestyles, with Natalie desiring a lavish life and Mike preferring simplicity. Natalie, viewed by many fans as toxic, has also moved on, appearing on “90 Day: The Single Life” and briefly dating Josh Weinstein, though their relationship lacked commitment.

Meanwhile, Angela Deem’s drama continues. Angela has been practicing martial arts, leading fans to speculate she might confront her ex-husband Michael physically. Angela’s stress-induced weight loss has left her looking much slimmer, but she now appears healthier. Fans were shocked to see Angela practicing punches, suspecting she was preparing for a confrontation with Michael, whom she has publicly slammed multiple times.

Lastly, Yara’s transformation has sparked discussions among fans. After having baby Mila, Yara’s style has become more provocative, possibly to keep her husband Jovi’s attention. This change follows previous marital issues related to Jovi’s interest in strippers and their disagreements about having more children. On Instagram, Yara promoted clothing in revealing outfits, leading some fans to criticize her for dressing like a stripper. Despite this, Yara remains popular, and her marriage with Jovi appears to be on stable ground.

Fans are generally supportive of Mike’s new relationship, critical of Natalie’s behavior, concerned about Angela’s aggressive tendencies, and divided over Yara’s new fashion choices.

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