Big Sad News 😭 | 90 Day Fiancé: Michael Ilesanmi Is Now Missing After Split With Angela Deem

Michael Ilesanmi’s journey from Nigeria to America with Angela Deem was a rollercoaster, marred by cheating allegations and visa issues. Despite the challenges, the couple decided to give their marriage another chance after Michael’s mother passed away. However, things took a turn when Michael went missing in February 2024, only to resurface on social media later, revealing he was now living in Indiana.

Their relationship had its share of hurdles, including Angela being 12 years older than Michael, and their struggles with visa applications. Despite these, they got engaged and Angela visited Nigeria to meet Michael for the first time. Infidelity and financial concerns strained their relationship, leading Angela to file for divorce in 2020. However, they reconciled after Michael’s mother’s death in 2022.

Michael arrived in the US around Christmas, and photos of him with Angela in Walmart confirmed his presence. They traveled to several American cities, indicating a positive turn in their relationship. Yet, Michael’s disappearance in February 2024 shocked fans. Angela announced his disappearance, leading to a search that ended with Michael revealing his location to the police but not Angela.

Fans celebrated Michael’s return to social media, viewing it as liberation from Angela’s control. Michael launched his Cameo account and a verified Instagram page, gaining a substantial following. Despite this, Angela expressed intentions to make Michael’s life difficult, hinting at a lawsuit for marriage fraud. Angela claims Michael is in Texas, but recent videos suggest he might be in Indiana, keeping fans guessing about their favorite reality TV couple.

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