Citra & Sam Reveal Face Of Their Beautiful Daughter, Aeris!

90 Day Fiance stars Citra and Sam Wilson have been living their dream lives since tying the knot. The couple didn’t fake anything to grab viewers’ attention. Sam and Citra’s only motive was to convince their family and tie the knot. The former’s legal issues were a big hurdle in the marriage. Fortunately, he came clean about his legal issues in front of his partner and future in-laws.


The reality TV star became sober and left everything to marry his lady love. Citra and Sam made their distance from the reality TV world to focus on their new marriage. Recently, they welcomed a beautiful daughter, Aeris. The reality TV stars have been sharing many lovely updates on their newborn. Finally, the couple revealed her face to give their fans her first glimpse.

90 Day Fiance: Citra & Sam Gives First Glimpse Of Baby Aeris To Fans!

90 Day Fiance stars Citra and Sam have been overjoyed since welcoming their newborn. They have been eagerly waiting for the arrival of their baby girl. The couple has been keeping the viewers engaged with their wholesome content about the baby’s journey. Sam has proved himself to be the perfect partner till now.

He has been helping his wife throughout her pregnancy. The reality TV celeb has been proving himself a wonderful dad as well. Citra has been loving her time as a first-time mother. Recently, she surprised her followers after revealing the first glimpse of her baby girl. She uploaded a new video of her daughter playing in her cradle.

The reality TV star’s daughter was lying in her cradle while looking at the toys hanging on top. Citra wrote, “When she asks where her middle name comes from.” She added some footage of her Indonesian parents after showing her daughter. The TLC star stated in the caption, “She has the same middle name as me, both of my parents name Herani (Herman and Ani).”

Fans were happy to finally get a glimpse of Citra’s daughter. One fan said, “She is so beautiful and the middle name is just precious.” Meanwhile, others were excited to see Aeris meeting Citra’s dad. The TLC star quickly added, “Hopefully soon I can’t wait to surprise him!.” Moreover, many of them felt that Aeris looked just like her mom.

90 Day Fiance: Citra Opens Up About Her Postpartum Struggles!

90 Day Fiance star Citra Wilson has been quite emotional since the birth of her daughter. She has been excited to welcome her baby girl since the gender reveal. However, it seems that the reality TV star is struggling with her postpartum

issues. Recently, Citra posted a picture of herself feeding Aeris and hid their faces. She talked about the hard days she has been facing during postpartum.

90 Day Fiance

The TLC star revealed that she got a fever and chills after a few days of returning from the hospital. Hence, Citra had to get hospitalized again due to her condition. However, she was grateful to her husband and his family for supporting her. The reality TV star also talked about her struggles due to not living in her home country. Moreover, Citra praised her country for the convenience of having cheap food and therapy issues.

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