‘SW’ Fans Lose All Respect For Robyn Brown’s Daughter Aurora!

Sister Wives fans aren’t happy with Robyn Brown’s daughter Aurora after an incident that happened in the latest episode. Season 17 Episode 6 aired on October 16, 2022, as Janelle showed Robyn and her oldest daughter around her new fifth-wheel trailer. However, what happened inside the trailer as Janelle gave them a tour of the trailer has fans angry at Aurora’s snarky comment.

Robyn Brown Aurora Brown Sister Wives YouTube

What did Aurora say? Keep reading to find out the details!

Aurora Compares Janelle’s Trailer Bathroom With A Foot Wash

As Aurora explored the trailer, she remarked that the tiny bath was more like a foot wash. As insulting as this comment was, she simply didn’t stop at that. She also asked Janelle if the bunk beds in Savannah’s room were dog beds. The 20-year-old said, “Are these going to be for the dogs.”

Aurora Brown Sister Wives YouTube

Although Kody might see it as nothing more than an innocent question, the comment was definitely rude, especially given how Janelle was standing right there.

Reddit Fans Bash Aurora Brown For Her Attitude And Disrespect

Discussing her behavior, a Reddit fan took to a subreddit forum and wrote, “After a few people were so vocal last week about how wonderful Sobyn’s girls are, and how no one should dare to comment on their ‘The Voice’ performance, curious to know what say you now? Are we still Uhroaruh fans after the foot bath and dog bed comments?”

Aurora Brown Kody Brown Sister Wives YouTube [Source: YouTube]

They further clarify that “Uhroaruh is 20 years old, fair game to snark on. Not trying to start an argument, genuinely asking if you are fans. I for one was appalled by her attitude and the disrespect.”

Another Reddit user wrote, “Explains the quietness of Savannah at Y bday party.”

“Yep! She doesn’t want to be around the mean girls,” agreed a third.

Sister Wives Reddit [Source: Reddit]

A fourth chimed in, “Her kids have always acted bratty, and Aurora is the worst offender.”

“It was a huge contrast in attitudes! Christine and her girls were so positive and seemed genuinely happy for Janelle and Savannah. Telling Savannah her room was so cute and liking the doors, etc. And Robyn and her daughters were despicable! So disgusting! I don’t think they said one positive thing. The look on their 3 faces said everything. And this is who Kody prefers to spend all his time with?” explained the fifth fan.

Kody & Robyn Brown Feel The Trailer Is A Bad Idea

It is true that kids learn from their parents and Aurora’s rude comment was simply a reflection of what Kody and Robyn Brown truly think of the trailer. Kody and Robyn have talked at length about how bad of an idea the trailer is. They also remarked on how uncomfortable and small it is.

Robyn Brown Kody Brown Sister Wives YouTube [Source: YouTube]

He is even upset at the idea of Janelle’s dogs being in his bed when he is with her. Kody went as far as to ask her to choose between him and the dogs. However, in her confessional, Janelle says that she feels otherwise. She remarks, “Yeah, dude, I’m sorry. You’re here one day in four, maybe three, and I’ll choose the dogs. Gonna choose the dogs, gonna choose the kids.”

Do you think Aurora’s behavior was uncalled for? Is she simply reflecting on her parent’s real feelings about the trailer? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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