Congratulations! Christine Brown’s New Baby Coming Soon | Sister Wives | TLC

“Sister Wives” star Christine Brown and her husband, David Woolley, are thriving in Utah and sharing their latest adventures online. The couple recently took their new baby on an exciting excursion, capturing the attention of many fans. Christine, 52, has adapted to David’s adventurous personality and frequently posts updates about their life, including their travels and her weight loss journey.

Christine is on a healing journey following the tragic passing of Garrison Brown and often shares clips and pictures from her workout routines, impressing many with her progress. Her recent Instagram post showcased their off-road adventure in the Rocky Mountains, where they navigated dangerous heights and angles. Despite the thrilling and sometimes terrifying experience, Christine expressed that they had a blast.

In her Instagram video, Christine shared, “I’m loving spending time in MO, conquering one rock at a time. He stays so calm.” Fans reacted with mixed feelings, some enjoying the adventure vicariously and others finding it nerve-wracking. Christine emphasized that they enjoyed the experience, and she trusted David’s driving skills.

Additionally, Christine posted another clip featuring a conversation with David while waiting for traffic to move. David mentioned that some trucks and jeeps were hesitant to proceed due to the steep road, but he remained confident in their RZR vehicle. Christine also appreciated the vehicle’s features, including air conditioning, making their adventurous rides more comfortable.

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