SISTER WIVES Exclusive – fans have Theory about ROBYN BROWN’S “Fake Tears”

Sister Wives fans have a theory about Robyn Brown’s “fake tears.” Robyn, often called the favorite wife, has many nicknames due to her dramatic displays. Viewers have noticed that despite her frequent crying, she rarely produces actual tears. Fans wonder if Cody Brown, her husband, feels exasperated by her emotional performances.

Since joining the Brown family, Robyn’s presence has coincided with increased tension among the wives. Many believe Cody shows favoritism towards her, especially as he kissed her while another wife was in labor. This favoritism and Robyn’s constant crying have led fans to question the authenticity of her tears, dubbing them “fake.”

Robyn’s emotional displays have been compared to a toddler’s tantrums, with no visible tears, snot, or nose-blowing. This has led to suspicions that her crying is a manipulative tactic to gain sympathy. For instance, during Isabelle’s surgery, Robyn was criticized for not showing support by bringing a casserole or flowers to Christine, who handled the situation alone.

Fans argue that Robyn’s actions often don’t match her emotional outbursts. This inconsistency has fueled theories about her “tear-inducing hack” and led to widespread skepticism about her sincerity. Despite being on the show for 13 years, Robyn has not convinced viewers of the genuineness of her tears.

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