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Shocking Reasons Behind Cody Brown’s Fallout with Mykelti

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Cody Brown, star of “Sister Wives,” is known for his strained relationships with many of his children. Some, like Mykelti, have remained loyal over the years. However, there are rumors that even their relationship has soured, leading to estrangement.

Cody’s Last Interactions with His Kids Fans last saw Cody with his kids during a somber family event in March—his son Garrison’s funeral. Cody didn’t spend much time with his children as everyone was devastated by the loss. Recently, Cody has been spending most of his time with Robyn and her kids. A Reddit user spotted him shopping with one of Robyn’s daughters in Utah but noted that he didn’t visit his other children, further fueling rumors of familial discord.

Why Cody Turned on Mykelti Redditors have speculated on why Cody and Mykelti had a fallout. Some believe it started when Mykelti supported her mother, Christine, during her separation from Cody. Allegedly, Mykelti questioned why Cody could never be attracted to Christine, which might have hurt him. Additionally, Mykelti was instrumental in choosing the town Christine moved to post-separation, which may have strained her relationship with Cody.

Cody’s Birthday Snub Fans noticed Cody did nothing for Mykelti’s birthday earlier this month, adding to the speculation of their strained relationship. However, Cody also experienced neglect on Father’s Day, with none of his children making tribute posts for him, which some fans argue he deserved, while others empathize with his pain.

Cody’s Real Height and Appearance Cody Brown is known for his obsession with his looks. Fans recently saw him in public and were shocked to notice his real height, commenting on his short and stocky build. Some even speculated that Cody uses steroids to maintain his body shape, citing his different posture and muscle development as evidence.

Mary Brown’s Bestie, Jen Sullivan, Goes MIA Mary Brown’s close friend, Jen Sullivan, has been missing from the public eye, leading fans to worry about her well-being. Jen recently revealed on Instagram that she is recovering from a hysterectomy after discovering a non-cancerous tumor. She shared her experience and thanked everyone for their support, reassuring fans that she will be back soon.

Family Member Exposes Cody Brown Cody’s nephew, Benjamin, recently spoke out about the difficulties of growing up in a polygamous family. He criticized the portrayal of their lifestyle on “Sister Wives” and predicted a potential divorce between Cody and Robyn to simplify asset division.

Where Are Cody and Robyn Today? Cody and Robyn currently reside in Flagstaff. They have been keeping a low profile since Garrison’s funeral. There are also rumors that the two may be planning a move, but nothing has been confirmed.

Christine Brown’s New Life Christine Brown has moved on from Cody and is now married to David Woolley. The couple has been traveling and enjoying their new life together, leaving the past behind.

Anticipation for the Next Season As the Brown family’s dynamics continue to evolve, fans eagerly anticipate the next season of “Sister Wives.” The show remains a significant presence in reality TV, documenting the complex and often tumultuous life of the Brown family.

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