Finally Separated 💔! Is Emily Dump To Kobe Now🤔? Get Ready For Bombshell

Hello lovely viewers, and welcome back to Vogue America with Lucy. Today, we dive into the latest from 90 Day Fiancé stars Kobe and Emily. The couple is preparing for a traditional Cameroonian ceremony after facing numerous challenges. The cultural shock was significant for Emily’s parents, particularly regarding the bride price for the knocko ceremony. Initially, they struggled with the idea of trading their daughter for money and gifts. However, Kobe’s family worked hard to make Emily’s family comfortable with their customs.

Recently, Kobe delivered traditional Dory items to Emily’s parents, including surprising items like a goat. Emily’s parents, David and Lisa, welcomed them warmly, appreciating the effort. Kobe explained the importance of fulfilling the Dory list to prove he could take care of Emily.

The couple has been happily married for years and is now ready for their second wedding in Cameroon. They have shared many special memories from their trips, including visiting family and learning traditional recipes.

Catch the latest episodes of 90 Day Fiancé and follow the couple’s journey as they blend their cultures and families.

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