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Josh Weinstein, CEO of Preview Models and a star from “90 Day Fiancé,” is embroiled in a legal dispute with model Chiron Brown, known as Britney from “America’s Next Top Model.” Brown claims that Preview Models used her photos without her consent, falsely representing her as a celebrity mentor to attract aspiring models. Despite her requests to cease using her image, Brown asserts that she was not compensated, prompting her to seek unspecified damages for the infringement of her right to publicity.

Weinstein’s company contends that they had permission to use Brown’s images due to a previous agreement. However, Brown’s lawsuit alleges that Preview Models continued to use her likeness without authorization and misrepresented her role within the company.

Chiron Brown, who gained prominence through “America’s Next Top Model,” continues her modeling career and is signed with reputable agencies such as Elite Model Management and Zeta Models. The ongoing legal battle centers on her claims that Preview Models used her fame to bolster their business without her consent or compensation.

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