It’s Over! Sister Wives Season 19 ! Janelle Accuses Kody of USING HER! Janelle suing Kody & Robyn

The family’s goal statement, initially expressed on the TLC series “Sister Wives,” is still something that Janelle Brown, a star of the show, remembers. Despite the Brown family’s polygamous marriage no longer existing after its failure, Janelle has not strayed from her path as her former spouse and co-wives did. Christine and Mary Brown remain active on social media, providing updates to their followers. However, their relationship with fans has taken a commercial turn, with many posts linking back to their products.

Janelle, on the other hand, seems to cope with her recent loss by maintaining a genuine connection with her fans, distinct from the other Brown family members. A developing pattern shows Christine and Mary using social media primarily for business, with Christine promoting a product she claims alleviates menopause symptoms and Mary launching a costly membership endeavor.

Meanwhile, fans speculate that Kody and Robyn Brown are hiding their identities. The newly monogamous couple’s treatment of Kody’s first three wives towards the end of the previous season angered many viewers. Janelle also promotes products, but her focus appears to be on essential life needs rather than commercial ventures.

In a recent post, Janelle shared a touching story about her granddaughter Evie’s new prosthesis, which features a lovely unicorn painting. This personal update moved many of her over one million followers, contrasting with the more commercial posts from Christine and Mary. Janelle’s genuine approach and focus on meaningful content have earned her praise from fans who appreciate her prioritizing what matters most in life.

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