Kalani Kick Out To Dallas💔! What Tarap in Asulue Cause?🤔 Get Ready To Be Shocked

Former 90 Day Fiancé star Kalani Faagata and her new boyfriend, Dallas, may have broken up in 2024. Kalani joined 90 Day: The Last Resort with her former husband, Asuelu, hoping to fix their marital issues. However, after Asuelu cheated on her, she developed feelings for Dallas. Asuelu gave Kalani a hall pass to kiss another man, leading her to connect with Dallas on social media. Their relationship progressed, but Kalani seemed more focused on sending a message to Asuelu rather than fixing her marriage. Eventually, Kalani broke up with Asuelu, ending their marriage.

Despite her initial feelings for Dallas, their relationship had many red flags and a weak foundation. Kalani’s goal when meeting Dallas was not to fall in love but to have a physical encounter to get back at Asuelu. She shared explicit details about her first time with Dallas on the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off, indicating her real goal was to cheat on Asuelu. Kalani began excessively posting about Dallas on social media, possibly seeking attention. Dallas was also accused of trying to capitalize on Kalani’s reality TV fame.

Kalani didn’t take the time to heal from her failed marriage properly, leading to her ignoring warning signs in her new relationship. In 2024, there are signs that Kalani and Dallas have ended their relationship. Kalani had a baby with Dallas but kept her pregnancy private, not sharing updates on social media. If she were happy with Dallas, she would likely have shared more about this milestone. Instead, she rarely mentions Dallas on social media and doesn’t display as much public affection as before.

Kalani discussed the day she and Dallas learned about her pregnancy but didn’t disclose much about his reaction. Instead, she focused on herself, feeling nauseated while filming. Unlike many men who share lengthy posts thanking their partners for bringing their children into the world, Dallas only shared a photo of their daughter and didn’t dedicate a single social media post to Kalani. Their relationship seems to have ended due to incompatibility, as Kalani no longer feels the same thrill she once did with Dallas. Her pregnancy may have also impacted their intimate life.

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