Revenge Began !! Robyn Drops Shocking Poverty Condition | Sister Wives Season 19 Episode 23 Preview

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For more than two months, headlines have focused on a tragic event: Garrison Brown’s death by self-inflicted gunshot on March 4. His loved ones are undoubtedly devastated, and many TLC viewers wonder how this will impact future episodes of Sister Wives as Season 19 approaches. Will Garrison’s death dominate the show? Will his memorial be featured? How much will Cody and Janelle Brown discuss their son’s passing? We can’t provide definitive answers yet, but speculation is rife on social media, especially Reddit.

Amid these challenges, Cody and Robyn Brown might reaffirm their vows despite their strained relationship. With the departures of Christine, Janelle, and Mary Brown, Robyn remains Cody’s only spouse. Cody has struggled with feelings of abandonment, even before Garrison’s death. Robyn admitted their relationship has suffered, and Cody confessed to feeling like a “piece of sh**” and questioning his faith. He hopes for a brighter future, describing it as allowing “sunlight to return.”

Recently, Garrison adopted an elderly cat named Miss Buttons, saving her from euthanasia. This compassionate act was well-received by fans. Born on April 10, 1998, Garrison was Janelle’s fourth child and Cody’s eighth. He remained close to his mother and siblings, despite estrangement from Cody. On March 5, 2024, Garrison was found dead by Flagstaff, Arizona police. His brother Gabriel, who lived with him, discovered the body. The police confirmed it was a self-inflicted gunshot wound with no foul play suspected.

Following the news, Janelle honored Garrison with an Instagram post, expressing her deep sorrow and asking for privacy. Fans shared their condolences and support, understanding the immense loss felt by Garrison’s family, including his 17 siblings and his father’s three other wives.

In a recent episode of Sister Wives, Cody expressed his desire to reconcile with Janelle, but she remains uninterested due to her lack of compatibility with Robyn and Mary. Janelle suspects Cody’s attempts at reconciliation are more about family unity than genuine affection. She has expressed her happiness without Cody and confided in Christine Brown about wanting to dissolve their marriage.

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