Sas News 💔! Kalani Drop Bombshell News To Asulue! Prepared To Be Shocked

Kanani Fata’s boyfriend, Dallas, has finally unveiled his face to the public after months of keeping his identity hidden. Kanani and Dallas have been dating for nearly a year, starting after Kanani’s split from Asuelu Pula, who admitted to cheating on her multiple times during their marriage. After the split, Asuelu offered Kanani a “hall pass,” which she took. Kanani and Dallas unexpectedly fell for each other, with their relationship quickly becoming serious. They reportedly moved in together just months after they began dating.

Despite their relationship, Kanani and Dallas have kept the details of their romance private, shielding Dallas’s face on Instagram. However, Dallas has now shared photos of himself, including one holding their new daughter. Kanani had hinted at wanting more children, and the couple managed to keep her pregnancy and their daughter’s birth a secret.

In other ’90 Day Fiancé’ news, Jasmine Pineda and Gino Palaso’s relationship drama continues. Rumors have surfaced that Gino was Jasmine’s sugar daddy before they started dating, with allegations of financial disputes and infidelity. Stephanie Mat, a former cast member, even made a TikTok video about their allegedly fake relationship.

Jasmine has been seen with a new man named Matt Branis, sparking speculation about her relationship status with Gino. She hinted at a split from Gino in early 2024 by removing his pictures from her social media. Jasmine’s interactions with Matt suggest she’s ready to make their relationship official.

Despite the rumors and drama, Jasmine and Gino may still appear together in ’90 Day: The Last Resort’ Season 2, filmed in April 2024, to address their relationship issues. Gino has called out Jasmine for her lies, particularly regarding her claims that he’s not providing for her.

As the drama unfolds, fans eagerly await updates on these ’90 Day Fiancé’ stars’ relationships and personal lives.

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