‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Goodbye Scenes, Not Mykelti’s Idea?

Since Sister Wives premiered 18 seasons ago, the Brown family experienced no shortage of drama. But how much of the drama is real?

It’s not at all uncommon for Sister Wives fans to go back and analyze old episodes. Recently, one Redditor made a startling conclusion about Christine Brown Woolley‘s big farewell.


Sister Wives Fans Discuss Producer Involvement In Serious Scenes

When Christine Brown decided she wanted to leave the family, producers leaped at the opportunity to make it into a major storyline. But did they manufacture any of the drama?

Sister Wives/TLC

“Oh my goodness y’all, I’m rewatching some episodes and just had an embarrassing wake-up call… I had never even thought about the staging around Christine leaving and the awkward goodbye with R + K, but for some reason I suddenly was like… ‘of course the producers made Kody and Robyn come,’” the original Redditor wrote.

“Not saying that Mykelti trying to contact them or get them to come definitely WASN’T real, or that that wasn’t super odd lol, but like, I can’t believe I never put together how obvious it is that the producers’ hands were all up in the mix there,” they continued.

The OP went on to ask other Redditors about other “staged” scenes. After all, it is reality television. Many scenes are somewhat staged in order to stoke drama.

Other comments included:

  • “Meri and Kody’s divorce conversation was reenacted. Same with the catfish reveal.”
  • “When they moved to Vegas. they were packing the truck and the ambulance or fire truck siren went by and it got all tense like they were about to get arrested.”
  • “The birthday party for Christine was only for the show. She posted about her real party on Instagram when it happened. All the conversation about the invite list etc. and Mykelti’s announcement was set up by the producers.”

Fans Brace Themselves For Season 19 Drama

Without a doubt, there will probably be some more manufactured drama in Season 19. However, many Sister Wives fans are worried about the content.

As many fans know, Garrison Brown took his own life in March 2024. Insiders confirmed that his death will be a storyline in Season 19. It makes sense for the show to touch on the family tragedy, but fans are worried the situation won’t be handled with tact or care.

Manipulating storylines is one thing. But many Sister Wives fans agree that some content should be treated with compassion and proper care.

How much of Sister Wives is staged by producers and how much is authentic? Are you worried about the content of Season 19 as well? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments.

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