Sister Wives Season 19 Release Date LEAKED? Coming Out Sooner Than Expected!

Sister Wives is one of the longest-running shows on TLC. Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn first appeared on screen in 2010. Fans know them all very well and often look forward to seeing them on screen. Last year, the previous season was a rollercoaster ride of emotions, with Janelle and Meir leaving Kody after Christine, causing the family fallout.


Sister Wives

Kody and Robyn also navigated monogamy, as the former decided against bringing in more wives into the family. Hence, it was not easy for any of the main cast members to deal with these changes. Fans are eagerly waiting for the announcement of the upcoming season’s release date, but there have been no updates yet. However, it looks like a family member may have already leaked this detail.

Sister Wives: Kody’s Nephew Reveals New Season Will Arrive Sooner Than Expected! Potential Release Date

Kody Brown became a popular Sister Wives cast member. But even after starring in the show for a decade, he has only stooped lower in the eyes of the audience. In the last season, Janelle and Meri left him after Christine. So, viewers got to see the family fallout unfold on screen. Everyone has wondered when Season 19 will drop on TLC. It usually happens during the second half of the year, often in September or November.

But a Brown family member revealed shocking details. Kody has a nephew, Benjamin Brown, who often uses his TikTok handle to share his thoughts on polygamy. He is against it and refra ins from watching the show as he believes it to be curated for the audience and not real. But recently, Ben has started watching the show from the very first season.

Sister Wives

While sharing his opinions on the show, Ben revealed that the upcoming Sister Wives Season 19 will drop sooner than expected. He believes the release date will fall in the month of August. The show is already running a year late. Hence, Ben feels the makers will drop the new season soon as they have too much to cover about the Brown family. But there is still no confirmation if things will play out this way or not.

Sister Wives: Other Family Members Hint At Plotlines For Season 19!

The previous season of Sister Wives wrapped up with a big 4 part Tell All in December 2023. Since then, fans have been excited to see the Browns navigate the next phase of their lives. While Janelle and Meri parted ways from Kody, he has been monogamous with Robyn. Christine had embraced her single life.

She had hinted about the potential storyline for the new season through her social media. The former third wife did say that there would be quite a few family reunions in it. Mykelti Padron, i.e., Christine’s Daughter, also shared some details from the upcoming season. She said how the new season will show her mother’s dating adventures with her now husband, David Woolley.

Sister Wives

Fans have already seen them tie the knot in special episodes. But they will get to see how it all began in Season 19. So, are you excited about the new episodes? Tell us in the comments.

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